About Us

Bilal Tahir
Hamza Tahir
We're a team of two Pakistani brothers who like to build things. Every year we have a tradition of hacking together a fun project on the side, to learn and solve a niche problem.

In 2019, we launched you-tldr as one of our early projects, but we knew that there were areas we could improve upon. At the time, AI models for summarization were not only expensive but also lacking in quality.

With the remarkable progress made in AI technology over the past few years, we recognized the need to revamp and rebuild you-tldr from the ground up. Despite the time that has elapsed, we're proud to say that there is still no comparable product on the market.

As a result, we are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated launch of you-tldr 2.0! In addition to a top-to-bottom redesign, we're also excited to offer many of our previously paid features entirely for free, making the experience even more enjoyable and accessible for our users.

- Quickly access and search through youtube transcripts
- Youtube summary with chatgpt
- Key Insights in video
- Get answers to questions about the video from our Chatbot

We genuinely hope that you will enjoy using the new and improved you-tldr.trending